Around Holzgau

Summer at the Holzgau

Located on 1103 m sea level, embedded between the Lech valley- and the Allgäu Alps, the Holzgau is the perfect starting point for hiking tours in summer. The Holzgau is close to one of the most modern skiing regions throughout Europe - Warth/Schröcken certainly is an unforgettable adventure for nordic- and alpine sports enthusiasts.

The high-alpine nature as well as the green meadows at the Lech valley are marvellous to look at, but have also caused a lot of trouble in the past. Families living at the Lech valley were always fighting for their daily bread.

These families were forced to send their children into different towns in order to earn money, just as it was the case in several other regions within the Ausserfern. A few, however, were able to build small companies, where they built rugs or baskets.

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